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Kettlebell Competition With LIVE Scoring - Wolfpack & Kettlebell World Open 2023

Welcome to the one stop home of kettlebell sports!

In this blog we dive deep into the electrifying 2023 Wolf Pack Open, hosted by Kettlebell World where we delivered the first kettlebell competition with LIVE scoring.

The only outdoor kettlebell competition in the UK, in the blistering heat athletes from the UK gathered from all ages (8 years old to 50 plus!) in order to throw up some legendary sets and show off the latest in new kettlebell sport technology.

One thing that makes the Wolf Pack Open different is that it isn’t just a GS event or an IKMF event. It is the ONLY event in the world that compiles lifts from standard GS biathlons and long cycle, including 30 minute half marathon lifts, and the new up and coming IKMF World Games lifts.

This involved some kettlebell sport greats in various disciplines such as Liga Latkovska, Jonathan Skinner, Del Wilson, Tracey Howson and Oli Mell.

What made this competition even more special was the inclusion of a scoring system put together by Kettlebell World.

Certain competitions already use a coefficient system to work out who has had the best lift between different weight groups and different kettlebell weights.

This was something that Stephane Dogman included in the IKMF coming out of covid lockdowns, and as the sport got back into in person events it gave an extra complexion for the lifter in terms of tactics.

Kettlebell World took this one step further at the 2023 Wolfpack Open by adding the ability to include a coefficient system that went between the disciplines.

The software also allowed lifters to gain data on their placings between the competitors whilst they were lifting.

This new feature allows coaches, lifters and spectators to see where the competitors rank on a table to know who is ahead whilst using different weights, different lifts and at different weight groups for the flight.

For example, the epic battle between Hannah Dyer-McConnell and Natalie Kitchen for the 30 minute snatch set.

In different weight groups and using different weight bells, instead of two lifter next to each other just lifting for the individual achievement, the lifters and the audience were able to see how close the two lifters were which became a fight that came right down to the wire.

This created, for the first time in the sport a leader board for best over all female and best overall male. Won this year by Liga Latkovska and Jonathan Skinner.

But not only that, the data retrieved from the software was able to break down reps awarded over split times in the sets, so lifters could look back and compare minute by minute how well they lifted.

This data would aid coaches to see when fatigue sets in over the 10 min and 30 min sets.

In temperatures that reached 30 degrees plus, the best lifters in the country proceeded to put on an exhibition for the last flight.

With a collection of some of the strongest lifters in the world lifting an epic and record breaking IKMF World Games set - with Sara Cooper, Liga Latkovska and Jonathan Skinner lifting the 32kg, 36kg and 48 kg bell for jerk respectively, and Oli Mell lifting the 48kg in long cycle - this was the heaviest IKMF World Games style lift ever recorded.

As the dust settled on an epic day of lifting, and an epic after party… Kettlebell World wants to invite all the lifters and spectators to give their feedback on the day, the lifting, the gym and the environment.

We’re always looking to make our next comp bigger and better…and the next one might just blow your mind!

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