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Please Tell Us About Your Lift!

We want to ensure your weekend is as well organised and enjoyable as possible so please provide us with the details we need for your Lift.

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Aiming to Qualify? *

Your safety is our top concern at KBW, whilst every care is taken to be as safe as possible we recognize that physical activity carries certain risks of injury.


I understand that there are certain hazards associated with exercise, group exercise, personal training. Relevant hazards and risks at the competition include, fainting, dizziness, friction burns, sprains, fractures, dislocations, ligament damage, unconsciousness and even death. I agree that Kettlebell World will accept no responsibility for injury caused through exercise alone or through participation of an activity on the premises unless it can be proved that there was negligence on behalf of the management team or staff. My doctor has not advised me against engaging in strenuous exercise.


By signing the box below, I the undersigned, agree to the terms above, either on my behalf or as parent or guardian of an Under 18 Entrant,

Thanks for your Information!

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