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We want to make sure you know exactly what is happening so please read our FAQs to understand more about the competition

  • How does the Kettlebell World Grand Prix Work?
    The KBW GP is based around One Arm Jerk. This is an elimination (Round Based) event. Every Round is 10 minutes long In each round all competitors lift the bell in groups of four Once a round is complete the people with the lowest score (lowest number of reps) from the previous round are eliminated. The lifting order for the next round is established based on the scores from the previous round (Person with the highest score goes last) Below are the kettlebell weights for each round. See the attached video for an introductory overview of the kettlebell jerk technique.
  • What discipline(s) can I enter for the UK Open?
    Marathon One Arm: Half-snatch | Snatch | Long Cycle | Jerk Half Marathon One Arm: Half-snatch | Snatch | Long Cycle | Jerk Half Marathon Two Arm: Half-snatch | Snatch | Long Cycle | Jerk Half Marathon Two Arm: Long Cycle Half Marathon Two Arm: Jerk GS: Two Arm Long Cycle | Biathlon | One Arm Snatch: Single Switch | One Arm Long Cycle: Single Switch | WG: Two Arm Long Cycle Push Press | Two Arm Push Press | Two Arm Half Snatch | One Arm Jerk | One Arm Long Cycle | One Arm Half Snatch
  • In which discipline(s) at this event can I qualify for an international competition?
    Marathon: Half-snatch | Snatch | Long Cycle | Jerk GS: Two Arm Long Cycle | Biathlon | One Arm Snatch: Single Switch WG: Two Arm Long Cycle Push Press | Two Arm Push Press | Two Arm Half-snatch
  • What kettlebell weight do I need to lift to qualify for international events?
    For Marathons there are no restrictions on bell weight but for overall qualification requirements please see the site relevant for your lift: IKMF EKA (GS Lifts Only)
  • If I qualify for future international events at this competition, until when is the qualification valid?
  • Will prizes will be awarded at this event?
    Yes!! Per lift: Every Flight has been setup as a head-to-head so for each flight there will be a first and second place (Gold & Silver) Every athlete will receive a participation award. UK Open: Overall Male, Overall Female - (Bodyweight/Bell Weight/Age/lift type Coefficient applied) 1st Place £100 2nd Place £20 + a T-shirt 3rd Place A KBW T-shirt
  • How is the overall score calculated?
    The overall score co-efficient is a new development in Kettlebell Sport which is an overall amount of points for male and female lifters. With modifiers to account for: Lifter Age Lifter Weight Bell weight Lift length Distance of bell travel Discipline complexity Discipline speed The age and body weight modifiers are based on the coefficients developed for the Online Kettlebell Challenge Cup. Similarly, the bell weight and lift speed modifiers are based on the IKMF coefficients and maximum repetitions. The remaining details are taken into account to ensure a fair balance between the lifts. To ensure fairness, this system has been tested against CMS (Candidate for Master of Sport) standards of IKMF for half marathon, and WG (World Games) and WKSF (World Kettlebell Sport Federation) for GS (Girevoy Sport) lifts. The goal is to achieve a balanced overall score, where any two scores that would result in CMS will align accordingly. This equation is continuously being improved after its successful launch at the Wolfpack & Kettlebell World Open in May. These ongoing improvements also aim to consider the varying requirements and subjectivity of rank within different disciplines. Additionally, efforts are underway to develop a calculator that will assist athletes in understanding their overall scores and the targets they need to achieve. Once ready, this calculator will be announced and made available on the website. It's important to note that further data accumulation is needed to refine these calculations and enhance their accuracy. However, at the current stage, this competition serves as a valuable testing ground. You will be able to view these scores on the website throughout the day and on the event's scoreboard.
  • Can I lift in the UK Open & Kettlebell World Grand Prix
    In order to encourage people who are new to the sport to enter the Kettlebell World Grand Prix we have taken the decision that lifters cannot enter both the UK Open and the Grand Prix.
  • What are the rules for the competition?
    Please note that athletes are not allowed to participate in both the UK Open and the Rookie League. In order to ensure fairness, we kindly request that if you are already actively competing in national or international circuits, you participate in the UK Open rather than the Rookie League. Athletes are required to weigh in either in person or through a LIVE video call at the designated times as advertised. Regarding judging: For each event an athlete enters, they are expected to judge one event. For participants under 18 years old, their parent or guardian will be responsible for judging on their behalf. If you need to refer to IKMF or WKSF rules, you can find them here: IKMF Rules | WKSF Rules UK Open: If you aim to qualify for international competitions, it is your responsibility to ensure the following: a) You are properly registered as a member of the EKA (English Kettlebell Association). b) You select the appropriate kettlebell weight for your lift. (Note: This requirement does not apply to marathons, where there is no specific kettlebell weight requirement.) For Marathon, Half Marathon, and World Games lifts, the IKMF rules will be followed, including rep limits. For GS (Girevoy Sport) lifts, the WKSF rules will be followed. The clothing regulations for the UK Open are as specified by the relevant governing bodies. Knee and elbow braces are permitted, but shorts must be above the knee, and sleeves must end before the elbow. Kettlebell World Grand Prix: The purpose of the Kettlebell World Grand Prix is to introduce newcomers to the sport. Therefore, the event will loosely follow IKMF rules, the regulations on technique and clothing will be more relaxed.
  • How is this competition different to past Kettlebell Sports events?
    We will have active and live leader boards for both the competitors to see during their lifts and spectators to see live on screens at the event. All information as well as a live stream of the lifts will be available for supporters that can't make it to watch and enjoy from home. There will be a significant amount of other events going on around the arena at the same time so there will be lots of people there to cheer you on and lots of things to see and do between lifts.
  • Do I receive a discount for being an EKA member?
    Yes. A discount of £5 against the complete ticket price can be applied for EKA members using the following discount code (EKA-5) at checkout. If you are not an EKA member, you can create a membership using the following link: Please note your registration will be cross referenced against EKA member profiles.
  • Are there more details about the T.R.U Athlete event?
    Please see the links below.
  • How do I access the training programme for the Kettlebell World Grand Prix?
    A link to the training programme will be emailed to you upon registration.
  • Does my ticket grant access to the whole T.R.U Athlete event?
    Yes, all ticket holders have access to the whole T.R.U Athlete event for all 3 days.
  • It there a refund policy?
    Yes. Full Refund: In the event that circumstances change and you are no longer able to attend, a full ticket refund will be provided if the refund request is made before July 28th. Partial Refund: After July 28th, a 50% refund of the ticket price will be issued for cancellations or changes in attendance.
  • What happens if I want to change my lift details?
    We understand that situations change but once the registration closes on the 1st August the flight list will begin to be created and changes add additional complexities to this: Requests to change lift details post 1st August require a £5 admin fee If the lift details form has not been filled out by the 1st August then the lift will not be added to the flight list. Additions to the flight list after this date will be subject to a £5 admin fee.
  • Do I need to print my ticket?
    Ticket holders must present either a printed or digital version of their tickets upon entry.
  • Who do I contact with any issues?
    If you have any further questions or need assistance with your purchase, please contact our customer support team at
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